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Pull Back the Curtain New Solo Installation of the Reds and Greys

Visit the Exhibition page at Brattleboro Art Museum Join me for an Artist Talk on YouTube

Red Toy Theatre Set © B. Lynch 2021 from Pull Back the Curtain

See a review on Kent Stephens Cheeky Magpie culture blog.

B. Lynch Bio

Winter News 2022 Chess Set: Game 1 is included in the Louisiana Tech University Biennial

Artsope Magazine presents my digital images for the July/August Centerfold Gallery.

New Gilded Age: Mixed Media and Video by B. Lynch

The fantastical world about income disparity: The Reds and the Greys is a time-bending parallel universe eerily echoing our own.

Massachusetts Cultural Council ArtSake blog publishes “Three Stages” article New Gilded Age . I relate how the project has developed since its inception.

Chess Set: Game 1 © B. Lynch 2021 HD video all content by artist 02:52

see scene 1 of Treasure and Treachery       PUPPETS!

  • Grey Puppets

Way of the World Installation Views

Extravagantly Absurd solo installation documentation

The Red and Grey Video stills:

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