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Curator Statement_Way of the World

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Way of the World, B. Lynch’s multi-dimensional fantasy installation of the Reds and Greys at the Lamont Gallery Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter NH. This timely exhibit reflects on wealth, power and work. The cast of characters has grown considerably and they are featured in 2D, 3D and digital dimensions including four videos created especially for the installation. Viewers get to check out the clubby Red room, or explore via video a metaphorical hot air balloon ride. The Big Blog invites stories, photos and comments as well as asking for advice for where Act 3 of the Red Baiters saga should go.

The time-bending imaginary concept places the Reds faction in the eighteenth century with their splendid clothes and insouciance. The Greys live in a dystopian time with early twentieth century technology to assist their many labors. But each faction asks the viewer to wonder what they want from life. Leisure without the passion and dignity of work seems sterile. Toil without opportunity to relax or infuse beauty into life is drear. How can society cope without revolution? The artist doesn’t provide answers but rather asks us to cogitate on Voltaire’s advice to tend our garden.

YouTube video sneak peak: Way of World

camp view

Camp View Lamont Gallery Installation


Heavy HaulerMirror Mirror lino cuts Heavy Hauler and Mirror, Mirror ©B. Lynch

Factory video still

Digger at the Factory from Red Baiters Prologue video

Video ©B. Lynch Red Baiters Prologue  click here


Vaneeta and the Yellow Palace

see postcard pdf: Lamont Gallery_Way of the World_Postcard

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