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My video Grey Days has been traveling around the country. In January and February it showed at Northern Illinois University Art Museum as part of the Storied References exhibition. The panel discussion moderated by Professor Randy Caspersen, of the media studies department included all four video makers from the show. Scroll down to see the panel presentation.

The video is also accepted by Worcester State University’s Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery. Their on-line exhibit is sponsoring a panel discussion on March 25 from 7-8 pm. I am participating in the panel. You can register at
Coastal Caroline University’s Rebecca Bryan Art Gallery includes Grey Days in their Uncompressed media exhibition on campus in Conway S. Carolina.
Grey Days ©2020 by B. Lynch all content by artist 
Grey Days reflects a sci-fi society that has grave disparities. The eighteenth century garbed Reds have power and lovely palaces. The humble Greys work in the service of the Reds but some are engaged in fighting back. The Horse-headed martial vizier of the Reds rains down lightning on the Greys. The Greys’ resistance leader, Wolf-man, doesn’t shrink from violence. The Reds’ bully boys intimidate the populace. The cycle of violence is repeated over and over. What and where is Justice?

The narrative is ambiguous as the video is made with the intent of both reflecting reality and challenging it. The 3:20 minute video is composed of animation, live action and constructed digital imagery. The soundtrack is created by the artist. The distressed and stylized film look echoes the emotional content.
Grey Days ©2020 by B. Lynch all content by artist 03:20 HD video

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