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Dedicated website for the show: New Gilded Age Exhibition

Join me for a tour of the theatrical installation: New Gilded Age
Webinar talk with the artist, B. Lynch and Director, Meredith Fluke

The website New Gilded Age Exhibition features a gallery tour with the artist, images from the show, videos, and Introduction by the curator, Meredith Fluke. See the Video page See Critical Response

New Gilded Age is a fantastical sci-fi world where two factions–the Reds and the Greys are engaged in living very different lives. In this time-bending society the two groups interact and impact each other. How does income and power disparity effect society? Do we as viewers envy or revile either faction? Do we want to see some change in their situations or are we content with how things are?

Installation Build: time-lapse view of build Cantor Gallery

Massachusetts Cultural Council ArtSake blog publishes “Three Stages” article New Gilded Age . I relate how the project has developed since its inception.

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